Classes of Fire

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Classification of Fire

Fires have generally been classified as falling into one of four groups, a fifth has been added in recent years and if we include electrical fires it makes a sixth, although strictly speaking fires involving electricity fall into one or other of the 5 groups.  The groups are know as the Classes of Fire and are designated A, B, C, D, F and if we include electrical class E.

Class A.

    Class A fires are fires involving organic solids such as paper, wood, textiles etc.

Class B.

    Class B fires are fires involving Flammable Liquids such as petrol, diesel, paints etc.

Class C.

    Class C fires are fires involving Flammable Gasses, such as Propane, Butane etc.

Class D.

    Class D fires are fires involving Metals such as Magnesium etc.

Class E.

    Class E fires are fires involving electricity and fall within previous classes of fire.

Class F.

    Class F fires are fires involving cooking Oils and Fats.



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