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    The term ‘portable’ appliance is used but, it is not only portable types of equipment that require testing under the Code of Practice.  PAT (portable appliance testing) is carried out to reduce the risk of electrical shock and fire caused by faulty appliances. The IEE Code of Practice gives guidance on the various types of equipment.  They then suggest how often equipment should be retested according to the type of business the equipment is operated in. The following are the types of equipment listed under Portable Appliance Testing:

Portable Appliance.

      An appliance of less than 18 Kg in mass that is intended to be moved whilst in operation or an appliance which can easily be moved from one place to another, e.g. vacuum cleaner, toaster, food mixer, etc.

Movable Equipment.

      This equipment is either less than 18 Kg in mass and not fixed, or equipment with wheels, castors or other means to facilitate movement by the operator as required to perform its intended use.

Hand Held Equipment or Appliances.

      This portable equipment is intended to be held in the hand during normal use, e.g. hair dryer, soldering iron etc.

Stationary Equipment or Appliances.

      This equipment which has mass in excess of 18 Kg and is not supplied with a carrying handle, e.g a refrigerator, washing machine, tumble dryer, etc.

Fixed Equipment or Appliances.

      This is equipment which is fastened to a support or otherwise secured in place in a specific location, many of these appliances are fed from a wired cable directly into a fused spur unit, e.g. bathroom hand driers.

Information Technology Equipment.

      Information Technology (IT) equipment includes electrical business equipment such as computers and mains powered telecommunications equipment, and other electronice equipment, such as printers, scanners, photocopiers, fax machines and monitors etc.


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